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A startup keeps you busy with many things. You have so many dishes on the table which you enjoy at the same time. Running a startup can certainly be your passion, but handling the daily marketing tasks is much more difficult than it seems. It’s stressful. Startup growth depends on multiple factors, and marketing is one of them.

With digital marketing being on top of the list for many startups, you need an agency equally enthusiastic and young as you. Professionally curated strategies from a startup marketing company will help you release the heavy burden on your shoulders and provide you results-oriented services for your startup.

Results-Oriented Startup Marketing Company & Agency | Trigacy

Why digital marketing for startups?

The growth of your startup begins with a powerful digital presence. Your customers use search engines like Google and social media platforms to find solutions to their needs, compare brands and choose the right one. If you are not on the internet, you are losing customers, the attention of possible investors, and a lot of business. Even if you have a web presence, without a strategy to boost it, you will be just another ship in the ocean. Creating content around your offerings, posting the same on the web and boosting it with organic or paid efforts is a good start to your growth strategy.

As a startup founder, you’ll probably get little time to do the marketing yourself. With an expert startup marketing agency on your side, you get a powerful and efficient marketing strategy, good enough to boost your online presence. We know it’s a hard task to identify a digital marketing partner for your startup and manage the budget at the same.

Marketing for Startups

Trigacy Agency helps startups improve their sales pipelines, build an advanced marketing program, and generate qualified leads. We are a growth-oriented agency aiming at helping startups around the continents to boost their online presence. We are content creators, campaign designers, and a result-driven startup marketing agency.

Trigacy Agency’s Approach to Startup Marketing Strategy

When starting on any new project, we always consider the inputs of the founders and their marketing goals. Based on this information and the extensive research that our team does, we prepare a strategy. Our strategy will have everything you need setup to get your startup off the ground and start marketing it digitally.

Outlining the strategy

As a startup, you need visibility. A startup marketing agency provides you with a plan to boost it along with establishing a strong digital marketing presence. A startup digital marketing agency provides you with a plan to fight your competition and create a unique presence for your offerings. No startups are alike and hence, marketing strategies for them should not be the same too. All successful marketing strategies are unique, as all the startups are.

Setting goals

At the early phase of your startup, your goals keep on varying along with how success is defined. But many startups have goals just under 1 of 2 categories. Increasing brand awareness and getting new clients are what most startups are looking for. Indeed, both objectives are important for developing your startup.

Increasing brand awareness

While starting your own company, you need a brand to put in front of your customers or clientele. Your customers need to know who you are, what you are doing and, more than ever, why you are doing it. People love to know why you are doing what you are doing. If you believe you have a great motive for your startup, digital marketing for startups can really get you in the front of the line. Our branding strategies include logo creation, domain hosting, website design, and social media setup.

Defining your target audience

No matter what you are selling, it’s important to approach the right people with the right communication strategy. The ideal communication strategy or messaging method begins with identifying who your target audience is. If you don’t know who they are, Trigacy Agency can help you determine who they might be and what message your brand should be sending. Here’s a quick way we do it…

  • What kind of product or service are you offering to your potential customers?
  • What makes you different from others?
  • Why would a customer select you over others?
  • If you are a B2C startup, will it be good to choose your audience based on their demographics, location, or interests?
  • If you are a B2B startup, are you going to target any specific audience based on the size or industry they belong to?

Finding your place in the market

At Trigacy Agency, we believe that the demand in the marketplace is what helps startups to survive and become successful. Without a strong demand, most startups fail, and we don’t want to see that. Your startup is unique, and we try & help you with determining how much possible demand there is for your startup. Brand positioning helps you with demand identification and placing your brand in front of your target customers.

For your startup, we take the time to research the market and find what interests your potential customers. Once we are ready with a plan, we come up with strategies that work on positioning your brand in the market successfully.

Creating a successful marketing budget

Determining the marketing budget for a startup depends on multiple things. The budget should consider costs of operations, revenue forecasts, and many more factors. No matter what budget you allocate for your marketing, it should be spent wisely. Think about your goals, and focus on spending your marketing budget on the platforms and channels that will help you gain fruitful results. At Trigacy Agency, we run thorough research while allocating every marketing dollar to the mature techniques of marketing. We certainly run experiments for your startup marketing, but we will never false guide on spending budget on vague tactics that won’t really work for your startup.

Acquiring new customers

If you think you already have sound brand awareness, and now you are looking for new customers, this goal has more to offer for your startup. With digital strategies made for startups, Trigacy Agency can help you with new user signups, encouraging them to be your active and paying customers, and retaining currently paying customers to keep them buying from you. Along with the best quality offerings, startups across the world have now become successful brands with the help of digital marketing strategies. We implement lead generation strategies, content marketing, and creative campaigns.

After deciding on the ideal marketing strategy for your startup, we focus on the bigger picture – getting things done as efficiently as possible. Our services expand growth opportunities for your startup.

Domain hosting, website design, and development

Websites are probably the best way to market your work around the clock to grow your startup. Getting started with a hosting service is easier with Trigacy Agency. We have multiple plans for your startup. If you are unaware of how web design & development works, don’t worry, we’ve got it covered for you. We have expert designers and developers to create beautiful landing pages, full-fledged eCommerce portals and much more for startups of all sizes.  No need to rely on any paid tool since we’ve got you covered under one plan for your website design & development requirements. If you want world-class designs for your startup website, consider it done with Trigacy Agency.

Our pool of web design & development services include:

  • Domain name & setup: A domain name is an online identity of any business. If you are not clear what your domain name should be, we help you with choosing it, registering it, and setting initial things as a part of a starter kit.
  • Creating web designs: Your website is kind of a business card, you need to make it impactful. We have a team of designers that selects the best templates or drafts custom web designs for your startup website. Along with intuitive web design and interactive functionalities, we have creative copywriters to help you with content on your web pages.
  • SEO: While building the skeleton of your website, we keep veins of SEO elements intact for future developments. Even if you don’t have any idea how SEO can help your business, we set up SEO on your website from the start to let you enjoy its benefits in the long run. SEO services from Trigacy Agency for startups will help your website rank better on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our SEO strategy includes detailed keyword research, tag optimization, internal linking, and high-quality engaging content.

Social Media Marketing

Since social media is used by billions of people around the globe, it’s imperative for your brand to be there. Incorporating a social media marketing plan for your startup is necessary in order to win the digital marketing game. Young startups need a young audience, and no other way is as effective as social media to achieve this. Trigacy Agency has a dedicated team for your startup to create content, post it on the social media platforms frequently and create ads around the content to attract new customers to your business. Social media marketing can also help enhance your reach and motivate more people to check out your website, store, or products.

Facebook and Instagram: Facebook and Instagram both have more than a billion users around the world. This suggests you have a huge number of potential customers at your fingertips. We target and attract your specific customer base on Facebook and Instagram within a certain age and profession range with our social media marketing strategy for startups.

Twitter and LinkedIn: A raw platform for short messages and posts, Twitter can definitely raise brand awareness, drive users to your website, attract new customers, and more. You can easily target customers based on their location, demographics, interests, and specific keywords with hashtags. With LinkedIn, we offer you an opportunity to connect with other like-minded businesses, and business owners. You also get to focus your marketing efforts on specific groups of people, like those who work in a particular industry.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing plans and strategies will provide you the necessary fuel that comes in the forms of blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, and infographics for your customers. Unlike other advertising and paid marketing efforts, passive messaging through content marketing gives out relevant, and valuable signals to engage with your customers. Over time, content marketing has proven to be a cost-effective lead generation activity that benefits not only bigger businesses but small businesses like startups that have just started off. Although content marketing will not bring you direct customers immediately, it will have a positive impact on your overall digital marketing for startups.

Startup Digital Marketing Agency to Measure Success Through Online Mediums

Most startups lack a pure budget for marketing and resources to promote their businesses online. Our startup marketing plans and packages are meant to elevate your business in just a ‘One-Time’ charge where you see growth in your business along with more investments and customers. Every marketing dollar you spend with Trigacy Agency is worth the investment, gives you tangible results with periodical reporting, and tracks the performance of our marketing efforts.

Here’s how we measure the success of our marketing campaigns for your startup.

Set and track KPIs

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the metrics useful in tracking the progress you have made to achieve your marketing and business goals. If your marketing goal for a startup is to increase awareness for your brand, we choose KPIs like website traffic, new inquiries, and social shares to calculate growth in your audience. If we decide the goal is to get more customers and increase revenue, we measure your KPIs against periodical sales and conversion rates.

Test, experiment, repeat

No matter what you are offering, you should always listen to your customers first. Even if they are interacting with you through clicks, views, and conversion efforts, you need to identify the signals they are leaving on your website and social media platforms. Trigacy Agency has research experts who try and find where most of your users leave their footprints and where they like to spend most of their time. Our startup marketing strategy is defined with these signals, and we keep on doing experimenting with these signals to build and grow your business holistically. Testing, experimenting and repeating never stops at Trigacy Agency.

Get to know what works for your audience

With every marketing campaign we create for you, we get additional data about what your audience is doing. And when you manage your audience with Trigacy Agency, it’s easy to get into the deep roots of this information. All this information helps us enhance your marketing strategy in the future.

Why choose Trigacy Agency as your startup digital marketing agency?

We focus on igniting the brand potential of our startup through integrated digital campaigns. When you choose Trigacy Agency as your digital marketing agency, you can be certain of a personalized service and pure focus on results. Specifically, here’s how we make it happen.

We get to know your business

Startups around the world often hesitate to trust a remote digital marketing company because of many constraints. They also believe that agencies take a one-size-fits-all approach while applying online marketing techniques. Not Trigacy Agency. We commit to completely understand not just your business goals but your company’s culture, unique selling points, and more. We always begin our first discussion with an in-depth interview with your team to understand how a startup marketing plan can be designed for you.

Our success aligns with your success

An ideal digital marketing plan for a startup should build your long-term success. Why? Internet marketing doesn’t happen in a swift and should focus on your business success along with a good presence. If you don’t experience progress in your sales, a startup marketing agency is failing at what it is supposed to do. We understand startup success and build a roadmap for your startup’s progress in terms of engagement, sales, and presence. That’s why we call ourselves your partner rather than just a marketing agency.

No hidden costs and fees

Our plans are straightforward, and we charge you just ONE TIME. Hiring a startup marketing company is a big decision for you and hence we assure you quality services with our startup marketing plans and packages.

If you’re ready to launch your startup and enhance your marketing, get in touch with us today! You can schedule a call with us to discuss your requirements, and soon we’ll be working on your very own website and marketing campaigns!

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