Customized Marketing Plans can Work Wonders

You need a strong brand to grow your business in this competitive marketplace. Trigacy Agency is here to help you with a customized marketing strategy. We have a track record of driving results since 2014 by providing quality services to our clients spread across the small business world. Marketing is beyond just graphic designs and social media posts, and with Trigacy Agency, you get the right strategy to prevent failing marketing initiatives that may force you to struggle in achieving your business goals.

Customized Marketing Plans for Small Businesses | Trigacy Agency

Trigacy Agency’s customized marketing services go along with your business objectives, strengths, and prepare you to fight various growth challenges. Together, we make sure you target the right markets, pick what makes your brand unique and expand your business.

  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Business Consultation
  • Marketing Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Market & Competitive Research
  • SEO & SEM
  • Content Marketing
  • Press Releases & Media Relations
  • E-mail Automation

We Solve Problems With Our Custom Marketing Plans

We understand how a small business like yours face daily challenges while running your business and thus, we focus on results. We help our clients in growing their revenue with inbound marketing strategies. Get ready to reach new markets, develop your brand, and create an actionable plan to make it all happen. It all filters down to our customized marketing that produces results.

Here’s a list of challenges you may relate your business is facing with

Strategic Marketing

  • The customer base isn’t diversified
  • Sales are declining
  • No product innovation
  • Intense price competition
  • No marketing plan in place
  • We don’t have a marketing strategy
  • We don’t have any goals
  • Limited competitor information

Marketing Outsourcing Management

  • Marketing efforts don’t work
  • Marketing initiatives lack follow through
  • Sales and marketing aren’t aligned
  • Can’t afford a full time marketing team
  • No marketing measurements are in place

Integrated Marketing Communication

  • Word-of-mouth doesn’t work anymore
  • Marketing is not helping the sales pipeline fill with leads
  • Website and other marketing tools don’t work
  • We need more opportunities
  • Marketing Content

Getting Started with Custom Digital Marketing Plans

Marketing plans need to be flexible to achieve digital objectives and with our affordable marketing plans, you get a chance to customize what you want to have. We have 3 flexible plans where you can easily choose what kind of strategy and offerings your small business needs. Our marketing plans are so easy to understand that you can outsource the entire digital marketing department or get support for your existing team as an additional hand with Trigacy Agency. For less than half the cost of a full team of marketing, a busy small business like yours can rely easily on us to move your marketing functions forward.

Select a plan. Book a call. Develop a strategy. Get started.

Trigacy Agency offers affordable marketing plans with a simple growth strategy with a straightforward approach to get a full return on investment. You get an effective strategy, implementation roadmap, and results with our marketing packages. The entire package is dedicated to generating marketing results that will help you transform your business into a profitable one. You get a dedicated team for implementing an outlined inbound marketing strategy. Even though we have served top brands from the industry, we believe in serving small businesses as well. Marketing is not a one size fits all operation. Businesses lose sales, leads, and revenue when they promote their business broadly. With a tailor made strategy come great results, and no other way is more effective than inbound marketing tactics.

Identifying Your Perfect Customer

Every Trigacy campaign begins with our fine-tuned discovery phase. This process helps us nail down who your best customers are, what type of content they prefer watching/reading, and how we can perfectly track them. We will understand your products/services and target market thoroughly – then develop a sales funnel that ends with a dollar sign.

Publishing Your Brand Story

Effective marketing is really about telling a story to the crowd – your story. Trigacy’s planning ensures your custom marketing plan reflects who you are and what you do. Using a fusion of design, storytelling, and content marketing, our brand strategists will publish a story that turns viewers into customers.

Putting Customized Marketing Strategy in Action

Trigacy Agency will handle the entirety of your custom marketing campaign – right from planning and execution to optimization and reporting. Along with getting the ball rolling, we make sure your campaigns pick up steam as it goes.

Get The Best ROI

Your relationship with Trigacy Agency is all about transparency. We make sure it keeps flourishing, and you keep getting desired results. A good return on your marketing investment goes hand in hand with a customized marketing strategy.

Trigacy Agency will help you save time, save money and channelize the right budget into the right channels to get the best results with confidence. All marketing strategies are not created equal, and we aim at helping small businesses, which ultimately makes them a growth focused digital company with great prospects. We do not suggest you wasteful tactics in marketing, as we respect your hard-earned investment. Considering the challenges small businesses face, it’s money well spent with Trigacy Agency.

Are customized marketing plans the right choices for you? The answer to this question is definitely yes. Every small business is bringing something unique to the marketplace, and the way you promote and deliver that uniqueness gets enhanced with customized marketing plans designed carefully for you and the way you run your business.

If you’d like to learn more about our affordable & customized marketing plans, here’s a brief guide from Trigacy Agency to help business owners get an idea about our approach that suits your business.

Customized Branding & Marketing Strategies

While developing your branding and marketing strategy, we consider a personal approach first. In doing so, we allow ourselves to get to know about you – the business, the motive – and before you try to offer your product or service, we create a sustainable and memorable image of your brand. It lets others in the market connect with you, recall you, and trust you. This also adds power to your overall marketing plan before it is launched in its entirety. It also lets you share your story with others so that your prospects will know why you do what you do before ever asking them for a single dollar. In short, it sets the stage for other marketing efforts soon to follow.

Intelligent branding and marketing give your campaign a personal touch with your professional background, skills, personal beliefs, views, and other elements that design your personal and professional image. A branding plan for your business, in general, could include a combination of various areas. Elements like your business philosophy, your core values, your unique selling points, your demographic and geographic reach, and your overall position in the market. This is often paired with things like a business logo, a color scheme, website design, a tagline, and a knowledge base that brings you to your market. All of these components create a considerable value in the minds of your target audience, which eventually equates to a dollar value that you can place on your company’s brand as a result of your marketing and branding efforts.

Marketing Communication and Media Plan

Content is the pathway to reach your target customers. It’s important for you to spread the right marketing message, and place it on the right channels and platforms so that it can reach the proper audience.

Marketing Research

Marketing research is important before starting with your marketing and media plan. Studying your market and competitors allows us to know exactly which marketing platforms your target audiences use the most. Then we can make more informed decisions like whether our marketing efforts will pay off or if we need to change the strategy.

Creating Good Web and Online Presence

Along with performing marketing research to find which online platforms your customers are on, it’s also important to establish your web presence as well. We create profiles and accounts on the major online platforms, so your customers can both know how to find and engage with you.

Develop Lead Generation Programs

Our customized marketing packages also include lead generation tactics that allow you to gain more leads to generate sustainable sales. One of the most popular lead generation strategies is to offer your target audience valuable resources as compliments to their decisions. This typically consists of a subscription to a monthly or quarterly newsletter, white papers, various blogs, how-to guides, other relevant items that your target audience may find of value. This valuable information is offered in exchange for the user’s contact details, which they need to enter to opt in.

Tracking Results and Conversions

After we implement the marketing strategies mentioned in our pricing plans, we also develop programs that allow us to track your marketing results. That way we provide you data about the results from areas such as total visitors, the number of user engagements, and the conversion rate.

The Benefits of Customized Marketing

Trigacy Agency customized marketing packages have various benefits for both businesses and consumers. When our marketing strategies are executed successfully, your small business will get:

Improved Customer Experience

Customers feel more relaxed providing personal data to the brands they come across if they are getting something in return. They fill forms to get whitepapers, actively get involved in surveys to get discounts and show their interest in purchases or preferences. So, here’s the catch. With all of this customer data they give, they expect brands to protect any sensitive information and offer more unique and personalized experiences when they visit again.

Increased Revenue

By finding and targeting personalized channels for every unique customer, we help you increase ROI. With the appropriate automation technology, we identify which channel customers engage with the most, and then particularly follow up across channels as part of our omnichannel marketing approach.

Increased Brand Loyalty

When customers share their information and data, they expect some traction in the sense of unique treatment from the brand with specific preferences. Small businesses that invest time and resources to execute successful customized marketing strategies will benefit from a competitive advantage regarding both brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Consistency Across Channels

Customers prefer interacting with brands across various channels, including email, social, mobile, etc., sometimes all at the same time. For this reason, it’s important for brands to create consistency across multiple channels. The app or website experience should match with the in-store experience, which should match email messaging.

Common Customized Marketing Questions

Here are a few common questions from our customers that we have answered in the past about customized marketing.

Why is customized marketing important?

With technological improvements, the expectations of customers are evolving. When consumers provide their personal information, they need to be treated with unique services. With our 3 unique plans, we offer this approach, but we also know that every small business has unique needs, and hence, we don’t only stick to what we have mentioned in our standard packages. We also provide more to ensure success for your startup or small business.

How do I measure marketing success?

Like any other marketing campaign, there are so many ways to measure the results of our customized marketing campaigns. With interactive reporting dashboards, you get important insights on how your marketing is working for your brand. You get advanced analytics like engagement ratio when it comes to understanding your customers.

How does customized marketing impact my business performance?

Great question! You get clutter-free marketing experience with our services. You are getting all the services mentioned in our packages plus everything else you need in your small business marketing. We don’t suggest extravagant tactics that will hurt your budget, but only the things necessary for your business augmentation.

Small businesses need a customized marketing experience, and we understand that. If your marketing strategy is not working, or you need an expert at hand, it’s time to move forward with Trigacy Agency! Get in touch with us today.

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